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Sheldon Artists, LLC was formed in August 2019 to act as a consultancy in preparation to transform later into a full-blown artist agency. The time has come.  As of October 1, 2020, Karen Kloster and I (working colleagues and partners for 25 years at Columbia Artists serving high-profile international artists, ensembles and orchestras) teamed up again together with our colleagues, Michelle Li and Emilia Albarano, to form a 'new age' office - Sheldon Artists, LLC.


We will continue our consultancy and now also act as agent/managers for high-profile and young artists and conductors, and we will excel again together in international tour representation for ensembles. Our working and professional standards and reputation have been our calling card and a matter of great pride. To work in a profession we love and to serve artists and ‘live’ music is both a calling and a great opportunity.


We will be happy to communicate and work with you going forward.


R Douglas Sheldon, Founder & Managing Partner

47 Water Street 2F
Colonia, NJ 
07067 USA

Registered with the Federal Government
Incorporated in Delaware & Registered in New Jersey

Member of IAMA and NAPAMA

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